Self Hypnosis Instruction

Self Hypnosis Instruction is a Simple Process

Hypnosis is a process using a particular collection of tools and skills that:

  • enable someone to move in and out of various states of consciousness.
  • enables someone to guide awareness of the conscious mind.
  • can be used to enhance or diminish certain patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, believing, or relating.
  • might affect the behavior of the cells of the body, the emotional state, the thoughts and images in the mind, and belief systems.
  • if used properly, can facilitate healing and wholeness at every level of the body and mind.

Self hypnosis instruction can be a supportive tool to assist you in achieving and maintaining your goals at home.

Jennifer Catlin is able to offer you instruction on how to target a specific goal, and then independently bring yourself into a more relaxed state of mind to assist you in achieving that goal.

To get started, you’ll meet with Jennifer for one session and afterwards, she will set up this type of work designed specifically for you.

If you would like to learn how to do this simple, yet powerful technique, contact Jennifer.

Call for an appointment today by calling 919-4550`987 or click here to send her a message!