Self Confidence

If you experience low self-confidence, self-worth or find it difficult to achieve your goals? Jennifer Catlin believes that there is a deep underlying message resonating in each of us stating, “I am not enough.”

However, this message is not there to hurt you, but rather to create an opportunity for you to come closer to yourself and expand your heart offerings inward as you recognize you have always been enough. Transpersonal hypnosis can be an effective means to increase confidence and performance in a variety of areas. We’ve all experienced challenges in life and sometimes these life experiences tug at our hearts in a way that diminishes how we feel about ourselves.

Jennifer Catlin combines techniques in both hypnosis and mindfulness that allow you to experience the most you can from your hypnotherapy sessions. Sessions with Jennifer are interactive and designed to explore the root cause of low feelings of self confidence and self worth and to work with those parts of yourself that desire to be nurtured. This is a process of coming home to yourself and a journey of learning how to love yourself unconditionally.

These sessions are held in Cary, NC, a suburb just outside of Raleigh, NC.